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Originally organized as a young ladies character development courses, Jamila Aisha started what becomes Totally Wow! and Totally Wow! Org in 2012. She began her journey to become a sex educator in 2013 after being a product consultant for Pure Romance. When the all-female, partygoers expressed their needs for comprehensive sexual education, sexual and self-empowerment and the opportunity to release sexual shame and stigma she knew an overall educational component was missing. From these experiences and following her own sexual empowerment journey Totally Wow! was rebranded and reborn into the Wow! Group - Sexual Empowerment Consulting Agency.

Totally Wow! offers intimacy coaching, pleasure education, erotic art expressionism, somatic sex treatments, sexual empowerment programming and networking events.




CONNECTIONS: Connecting you to Empowerment, Energy and Expression for intimacy maintenance, healing and growth. 


The programs and curriculum at Totally Wow! are directly informed by the following philosophies.

  1. Sexual empowerment is directly related to self empowerment.

  2. Free thought not dogma.

  3. The energies of the universe, nature and self. 

  4.  Sexual education in not sexual entertainment and vice versa but there is room for both in learning and pleasure/pain.

  5. {Sacred/Herbal} Energy heals.

  6. Creative expression is necessary for growth and enlightenment.


  • Motivational Speaking and Coaching

  • Intimacy Wellness and Healing Retreats

  • Curriculum Development

  • Sex Violence Survivor Advocacy

  • Policy Recommendations

  • Organizational Training

  • Prevention and Awareness Advocacy


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Totally Wow! Org. 


World Association of Sex Coaches

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