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#TantricTuesdayTips | October 2022 - Taboo Topics

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

October is Tantric Tuesday Tips at Totally Wow! and this year I want to focus on Taboo Topics. Given what you know (or don't know) about Tantra you may be wondering how this connects to receiving a "tip".

Tantra is a term that means weaving together to expand. The principles taught explore how to weave together energy and reach higher consciousness in all aspects of life including your sex life sex. Neo-tantra primarily concentrates on tantric sex and using sexual energy to experience higher consciousness.

Now that we've had that VERY brief introduction, let's bring it back to the 2022 theme for Tantric Tuesday Tips -- Taboo Topics. A journey to understanding Tantra or any journey to understand spirituality (for both those who believe and those who do not), should force you into uncomfortable (real or imagined) places and conversations. It should force you to look introspectively to determine why as well as what when examining your beliefs. I'm posing these prompts for these specific reasons. When discussing what most would consider Taboo Topics (I GOOGLED IT 😇), I'm hoping you will leave your "comfort zones" and make deep dives into self reflection and autonomy.

Week 4: Politics

Tip: Connect the dots between what your morals are and how they inform your political ideology.

It's the last week for Tantric Tuesday Tips and this Taboo Topic couldn't be more appropriate. MORALS/BELIEFS determine our personal ETHICS and because we interact socially these ETHICS must inform the POLICIES and LAWS we live by. What informs your morals and beliefs? In my opinion, in a capitalist economy politics can no doubt, be distorted. I had to contend with this idea and made a personal choice to do something about it. How do your beliefs inform your political views?

Week 3: Sexuality

Tip: Examine what you believe about sex/sexuality. Why do you believe these things?

Whether asexual, "vanilla" or extra kinky you have an opinion about sex. Does it provide you autonomy? Empowerment? Pleasure? Comfort? Security? Does it unveil emotional and/or physical trauma? Does it connect you to other social constructs (race, age, morality, nationality, etc)? What do you believe about sexuality, intimacy and sexual rights?

Week 2: Death

Tip: Focus your life to prepare for your death. Complete the challenges.

Death. The only certainty in life. The truth of this old adage is so profound it's surreal. So, why is it so uncomfortable to discuss, especially with the ones you love? It's hard to face the pain our loved ones will inevitably experience. Though it is funny, I've found something freeing about openly discussing the topic. This week's #TantricTuesdayTip comes with a few challenges; 1) write your own obituary, 2) plan to cross something off your bucket list, and 3) prepare your children (descendants) for your death.

Week 1: Religion vs. Spirituality vs. Atheism

Tip: Do a deep dive to determine what you believe about religion. Answer the WHY.

Circa 2011, I decided to leave the constructs of organized religion. This decision came after I'd spent about five years studying Christianity (Protestant Baptist) not to mention growing up in a Christian household. Currently, I consider myself a spiritual philosopher who practices craft energy. I have my reasons for choosing this journey, which I may go into at a later date but, this moment is not about my reasons. I want you to dive into YOUR reasons. What do you believe about religion and why?

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