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#TantricTuesdayTips | October 2023 - Types of Sacred Sex

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Taoist sexual practices are a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on the cultivation and preservation of sexual energy for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These practices hold the promise of enhancing sexual pleasure, fostering intimacy, and promoting overall vitality. At the core of Taoist Sex lies the belief that sexual energy is a powerful life force that can be carefully harnessed. Taoist philosophy understands sexual energy can be used to nourish and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Here are five Taoist Sex exercises to Google to learn how to practice:

  • {Taoist} Deer Practice (testes and breasts)

  • {Taoist} Sets of Nine

  • {Taoist} Qi Revitalizing Sunbath

  • {Taoist} Pelvic Floor Thrusts

  • {Taoist} Ejaculation Retention (although most literature will be phallic centered, both males and females can practice this exercise)

Tantra is a spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. The term "tantra" means "weave" or "to expand," implying the exploration and expansion of consciousness. While Tantra is not solely focused on sexual energy, it can involve exercises that harness and transform all forms of metaphysical energy to reach spiritual enlightenment. Tantric sexual rituals/exercises are designed to unite two individuals on a spiritual level. The rituals/exercises involve maintaining a state of heightened awareness and deep connection with one's partner while focusing on manifesting and expanding sexual energy.

Try these Tantric Sex exercises to connect with your partner:

  • Eye Gazing

  • Breath Synchronization while in Yab Yum position

  • Sensual Touch Body Mapping

Sex Magic/k, is a concept that has been practiced in various spiritual traditions. It involves the intentional use of sexual energy and the power of orgasm to manifest desired outcomes. One foundational principle of Sex Magick is the belief that orgasmic energy is a direct doorway to higher states of consciousness. The practice of Sex Magick often involves the use of symbols, incantations, and visualizations to enhance the potency of the ritual.

Try this Sex Magick ritual:

  1. Set your intention - quiet your mind and set clear intentions.

  2. Visualize your goal/s - picture what it will look like once you reach your goals.

  3. Manifest sexual energy - connect to your body through manual/mutual masturbation or intercourse.

  4. Reaching orgasm - when you reach your peak focus on your goal/s.

It is essential to acknowledge that the knowledge we possess about Kemetic sex is based on limited evidence and interpretations. Kemetic sex refers to the sexual practices and beliefs held by the ancient Egyptians, primarily during the Kemetic period. This basis for the practice involves interconnecting religion and social and cultural aspects that influence our sex lives. Kemetic Sacred Sex celebrates sexual energy and uses it as a conduit to liberate and connect to our Feminine/Masculine Divine. Understand #YOUAREDIVINE! Embracing and channeling the traits of divine femininity/masculinity holds profound significance in self-discovery.

Try this Kemetic Sacred Sex exercise with three easy steps:

Step 1. Make a list of deities you connect to.

Step 2. Name traits that admire most about each deity next to the names listed.

Step 3. Embody these traits throughout your day.

Each individual sacred sex practice uses higher consciousness/sexual energy for a specific outcome.

Taoism: Uses sexual energy to heal self.

Tantra: Uses sexual energy to connect to interpersonal relationships.

Sex Magick: Uses sexual energy to enhance the laws of attraction.

Kemetic Sex: Uses sexual energy to connect to and channel our Divine Feminine/Masculine.

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